Harddisk Interface

Interface Type


SCSI -Small Computer System Interface

50-Pin SCSI-Bus Interface Connector

50-pin paralle interface connector. (aka SCSI-Narrow)

68-Pin SCSI-Bus Interface Connector

60-pin parallel interface connector. (aka SCSI-Wide)

SCA-2 Interface Connector

SCA-2 is a miniature D style, 80 pin connector used on SCSI drives to plug to backplane connections. The SCA-2 connector provides grounds, voltage, and control lines needed to allow hot-plugging of parallel interface SCSI drives. Seagate designates an SCA-2 SCSI interface with a "c" in the model number.

Reference Link

To learn more about SCSI Interface please visit Seagate website.

http://www.seagate.com/support/kb/disc/scsirev.html#SCSI FAST-20



ATA (IDE) Interface

40-pin connector. 50mm wide cable. (aka IDE/ATA-33/66/100 Interface)